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Total Jerkface Happy Wheels

[Total: 134    Average: 4.4/5]

Total Jerkface Happy Wheels is the best online flash game. This game enables you to avoid desperation and become victorious in the gameplay during the race. There is variance in actual mechanics since there is the choice of character and the level of design. Another thing that makes the game vary is that the characters are able to eject from their vehicles at the time of the race. Since there is different levels in the game, the goal of the game differs. Mostly at the different levels, the goal of the gameplay is to ensure that finish line is reached as well as collection of tokens in the race is well done. There is also alternation of the level features and the game is designed in away that it provides the nonexistent goals which are said to be for the players. The Total Jerkface Happy Wheels exhibits graphics that are violent in its gameplay, this is according to the reviewers of this game and this brings difficulties in the gameplay hence affecting its mission. For instance players face tough time since they are likely to be crashed by obstacles on the way at the time of racing, short or decapitated. Other graphic elements associated with violence include, blood loss as well as losing of the limbs. Total Jerkface Happy Wheels is associated with some choices whereby players have got the choice of uploading replays level attempts, which can be viewed by others who may have the passion of getting involved in the gameplay. This game has got features associated with a level editor designed in away that allows players to be creating custom levels of their own. Total Jerkface Happy Wheels has got plethora of objects and tools which help in the building of different levels. The maps of this game can be uploaded by users which is accessible to a public server.

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